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Friday, 26 August 2016


Going through a blogging rut can be an absolute nightmare and I’m sure many bloggers experience it at least once through their blogging life. You get to a point where you want to be producing content for your readers but there’s just a block, sometimes it can be lack of inspiration, a personal issue, there are so many different reasons that can effect each person differently. I’ve had my fair share of blogging ruts, mainly because I’ve been busy with other things. I worked so hard in my final year at uni and thankfully it paid off, but it meant that my blog had to take a back seat. After finishing my exams and graduating I pretty much went straight into working full time – which was definitely a shock to the system. I’ve only just got back into the swing of posting regularly, I love writing and I want to keep it up so I’ve made a plan and hopefully I will stick to it. Here are some of the ways I keep organised and inspired to write. 

I think the most important thing to consider is that you need to plan ahead. If you post one, three or even five times a week, the last thing you want to be doing is writing the blog post the night before. Having a plan written down and writing blog posts in advance ensures you will always have something to put up. That way, if something comes up which means you can’t sit down to blog, you have a backup. I have created a simple plan in excel, it shows the dates up until the end of the year and I’ve planned what I’m going to write for two months in advance. I’ve left some space for unexpected blog posts just in case I find a miracle product and need to share it with you asap! 

In terms of inspiration I don’t think you can go wrong with a scroll through bloglovin’. When I read a good post about something I’m interested in, nothing inspires me to write my own blogs more. Look through your make up stash and refreshing yourself with the items you love, or maybe hate. There are also bloggers that have been releasing blog posts with loads of post ideas which are a great way to get back into blogging when you’re out of ideas. 

If you have commitments, or you’re just lacking motivation… it’s fine! For many of us blogging is a hobby. Don’t put unnecessary pressure on yourself to deliver content – if you’re stressing out and writing rushed blog posts, chances are it won’t be your best work. Be realistic about how much you can produce with your own individual capacity and bare this in mind when planning. 

Above all you need to make sure you’re enjoying it. As I said before, for a lot of us this is a hobby!

Friday, 19 August 2016


In a strange sort of way I’m so excited for autumn even though I absolutely hate the cold. I've already seen glimpses of autumn fashion seeping into our favourite stores and I can't resist the berry lips, winter coats and ankle boots. 

I spend hours scrolling through ASOS, it’s a website that you can’t just go on for a quick browse. The infinite amount of pages always sucks me in and I end up filling my basket with hundreds of pounds worth of clothes which I can't afford. I love saving things and being able to come back to it later when I fancy a treat. 

So here is my ultimate ASOS basket, I’m obviously not going to be buying all of this but if I had a money tree this is what I would buy. 

My wardrobe has become a lot more formal recently with starting my new job and having to dress smartly every day so I wanted to try and focus on some more casual pieces. I'm all about comfy and the pink leggings, grey striped top and massive scarf look perfect. 

I'm also on the hunt for some nice boots, both flat and heeled. As I'm a tiny size 2 I find it so difficult to get shoes but thankfully ASOS have started doing my size.

Who else is ready for autumn fashion?

Wednesday, 17 August 2016


blusher, foundation, eyeliner, eyelash curlers

I love buying new beauty items to try, however recently, I’ve been trying to budget and so shopping my stash has been the second best option. You’ll be surprised how many amazing items you’ve neglected in your collection and sometimes when circumstances change like you’re in a different season or you've changed you hair, you will love what you previously hated! 

I used to absolutely love this foundation purely for its ability to cover a multitude of sins. On a bad skin day this foundation is a real game-changer and can transform dull, tired and even spotty skin into a good skin day. The texture is very thick and boy does it apply thickly, which might not be everyone’s cup of tea. However, if you want the coverage you’ve got to deal with the consistency. There were two reasons I stopped using it: a) because the shade was way too light for me and b) it can be a nightmare to get off. Nevertheless, all the girls at work are big advocates which reminded me to give it another go. I’ve been mixing it with a small drop of a darker foundation (which is a pain in itself) but it’s the only foundation that my skin doesn’t swallow after a full day at work, so it’s a winner for me! 

I have far too many blushers in my collection but hardly any of them are high end because you can always find amazing drugstore blushers. However as I am such a huge lover of Nars, I’ve always been dying to get my hands on a Nars blush. Making the colour decision was definitely not an easy task but I settled on a medium pink, rosy shade and I’m really happy with it. 

I’ve been having a bit of a brow overhaul as I’ve just not been happy with them recently. I’ve decided what they need is to be fully grown out and to have some new products thrown at them – generally they just need a lil’ bitta love. So I’m currently in that awfully awkward stage of walking round with majorly bushy, overgrown eyebrows which is never a good look. In the meantime I’ve been trying out some new brow products; I thought I’d start cheap first in the hope to find that miracle product for only £5.99… I know, not going to happen. However I’ve been trying the L'Oreal brow pencil and as basic as it is, it’s fairing pretty well so far. 

I’ve been using these every day for around the past two months. I previously always thought eyelash curlers were an added step which took far too long and too much effort. Now I’m converted. Actually, I’m that converted that recently when we went on a weekend away and I forgot them I was totally lost without them. They really do make a huge difference to your eyelashes and when using the right mascara (I’ve been experimenting recently), you can achieve full, curled eyelashes that lasts all day.
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