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Wednesday, 22 June 2016


Holiday packing
Ever since I started university I have been packing a mini suitcase to go here, there and everywhere. A weekend to visit the parents, visiting Oli's friends/relatives and visiting my friends in various cities around the country, I now consider myself to be a packing expert. As I am off to Menorca in a few days I thought I would put together my top tips for packing lightly, without forgetting the necessities!

Purely because I love shopping I starting planning what I need to buy ages in advance. This year it was shorts and bikinis so I managed to get my hands on some bargains before it all ran out of stock; H&M bikinis this year are amaze! I also think it's really important to plan your outfits, this way you can hopefully avoid taking your kitchen sink and the hefty charge at bag check-in! Depending on your holiday and what you have planned, you can usually divide it into day-wear and night-wear. Quite simply, If I'm going on holiday for a week, I take seven day outfits and seven night outfits. Sometimes I will add in an extra outfit 'just in case'. 

I like to start both the packing and planning process early. I find that this way I can work out which items I really want to take, and most importantly, which new things I need to buy! Usually, I roughly chuck things in from around a week before I go, starting with the necessities like my toothbrush, bikini, suncream and passport etc. Then whenever I remember something else I need to take I can add it to the pile so that everything is in one place.

I want to talk about layering in two different ways. Firstly, I love packing clothes that I can layer on top of one another to ensure I am prepared for all eventualities. This is more important when you go on a UK or colder country holiday! For example I will take a strapy top, a shirt, jumper and finally a coat. That way you can put on or take off clothes according to how hot/cold you are. One important thing to note is that I would always recommend taking a jumper/cardigan on holiday even to a warm country, the amount of times I've been out at night absolutely freezing, wishing I had a cardi is ridiculous!

Secondly, I know people always go on about how good rolling clothes is when packing and I totally understand the concept, but It just doesn't work for me! My Mum always taught me to layer my clothes when I pack and its what I've always done. As you can see on the picture above, I put none-creasy *technical term* items underneath and more delicate items at the top, all folded on top of each other!

Before I leave I'm always panicking I've forgotten something, but the thing to remember is that it really isn't the end of the world. I like to have a checklist to tick off before I seal my suitcase so I know I have everything. You can download my checklist here.

Tuesday, 7 June 2016


May was definitely not a fun month. For many students it is seen as the worst month of the year as it falls over the exam period. I find it ironic that we always seem to have the best weather in May, just to add to our torture. However this year I am less annoyed as it is THE LAST TIME I WILL EVER DO IT! As you can tell, I am rather excited about finishing university! Throughout the beginning of May I'm going to admit my face was a make up free zone, however as my exams finished mid-May, I had a good few weeks to fall in love with a whole load of new products again.

NYX Wonder Stick (£10.00)
A NYX counter has recently opened in Boots in Manchester and I have been fighting the urge to buy every single item, every time I enter the store. I've always loved NYX but before the concession in Boots, it was so hard to get a hold of. I picked up the Wonder Stick predominantly because I thought it looked fun to use. I love how you can get a really sharp line without needing much skill. These type of products are always a winner for me as I still consider myself a contour novice. At first I struggled to blend it and I still think it works much better with a fluffy brush rather than fingers or a beauty blender. I now have three of my friends converted! 

I bought this a while back after falling in love with the Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation and I really wasn't impressed. I found it to be really lacking in coverage, I felt like it sat on top of my skin and did a really poor job of blending. However I have recently been shopping my stash and thought I would give it another go before passing it on to one of my friends. I honestly don't know what's changed, but I love it! I will admit I think I use a little more than I would a normal foundation and it is less coverage than I would usually opt for, but I think the finish you get is so worth it.

Another new beauty launch I've been dying to get my hands on. H&M have recently, or not so recently - I'm a little late to the party, released a beauty range. I was surprised when I went in store as to how many products there are. They have items ranging from hair products, nail varnishes and all sorts of make up to even beauty accessories such as brushes. I showed great self-restraint and picked up only three items, the one that has really stood out so far is the powder blusher. I absolutely love the subtle colour it gives and it blends beautifully. Very impressed!

As far as I'm aware Bondi Sands tanning products have become very popular, very quickly. I personally had never heard of the brand until a few weeks ago when I saw some bloggers reviewing the Liquid Gold Tanning Oil. I had mentioned to my boyfriend how I would like to get some, however as we are on a budget I decided to leave it. The next thing I knew he came in with a bottle of the light/medium lotion. I now understand what all the fuss is about. The smell is gorgeous, it has a really strong coconut smell and its really easy to apply, if not a little scary at first. It comes out a dark brown/black colour which makes it really easy to see where you have blended it in. When you first apply it, its very dark, nevertheless I slept in it overnight, woke up the next morning and washed it off. I was left with a gorgeous tan, no streaks, no patches. It has a really nice olive colour to it and after wearing it for around five days it began to fade really naturally. 

Sunday, 17 April 2016


After seeing Kaushal's You Tube video where she created a gorgeous purple smokey eye using the Zoeva Taupe palette (£18.99), I went straight to Beauty Bay to purchase! I didn't realise that Zoeva sold so many great palettes and after some research I saw that they are loved by so many bloggers. I couldn't restrain myself to only buy one so I picked up the Cocoa Blend palette (£18.00) as well. In terms of the price point I'd say it is pretty fair, you can't buy many palettes with ten shadows of this quality elsewhere. 

Both palettes contain a mixture of matte and shimmer shades. The consistency of the eyeshadows are very similar. They blend perfectly and boast amazing pigmentation. The only negative is the packaging - I'm never going to get excited over cardboard! I was wondering whether I could de-pot the shadows and put them into my Z Palette, has anyone ever tried this with Zoeva eyeshadows? 

The Taupe palette is definitely out of my comfort zone as I usually stick to warm tones which require minimal effort when I'm rushing out of the door in the morning. The five lightest shades in the palette work as great bases and surprisingly you can really work Gallery and Hour By Hour into the crease to create a whole load of depth. Exquisite (bottom right) is a lovely plum shade that works well with Old Master, (top right) blended together to create a simple smokey eye.

As previously mentioned the Cocoa Blend Palette is right up my street, with gorgeous warm shades that compliment each other perfectly. I love how there's a good base colour (top left) and also a decent matte brown (top right); It makes it perfect for travelling. I've been loving using the orange shades mixed with a little red in the crease to create a everyday look. I'm really excited to create a look with the black shade, on swatching it looks like a black with fine gold glitter on but in different lights I'm sure I can see a hint of green!

Eyeshadow palettes have always been my weakness, what's yours?
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